Troop107 50 miler August 5th - 10th, 2002 White Clouds Wildnerness


50-Miler Schedule

Day 1: Livingston Mill to Big Boulder Lakes (Walker Lake)�� 6.1 miles 1957 ft elevation gain

Day 2:Big Boulder Lakes (Walker Lake) to Boulder Chain Lakes (Willow Lake) 10.6 miles, 1502 ft elevation loss, 1823 ft elevation gain, 685 ft elevation loss, 129 ft elevation gain.Total: 2187 elevation loss, 1952 elevation gain.

Day 3: Boulder Chain Lakes (Willow Lake) to Chamberlain Basin (Chamberlain Lake) 8.7 miles, 840 ft elevation loss, 1840 ft elevation gain, 786 foot elevation loss, Total: 1840 ft elevation gain, 1626 elevation loss

Day 4: Chamberlain Basin (Chamberlain Lake) to Washington Basin 7.8 miles, 598 ft elevation gain, 1640 ft elevation loss, 994 ft elevation gain, Total: 1640 ft elevation loss, 1592 elevation gain

Day 5: Washington Basin to the confluence of Germania Creek and Alta Creek (mile-long meadow), 6.4 miles, 1785 ft elevation loss

Day 6: Germania/Alta Creek (mile-long meadow) to Germania Creek trail head, 7.0 miles, 995 ft elevation loss.

Meet us half way schedule on Thursday, Aug. 8th, or Friday, Aug. 9th, (4-wheel drive is required):

Take I-84 to Mountain Home.At the 2nd exit, take Highway 20 east to Fairfield.Turn north onto Highway 75 and travel 36 miles past Ketchum over Galena summit.Once into the Sawtooth Valley, turn right on the Pole Creek-Germania Creek Road and drive 4.6 miles on gravel and 7.5 miles on a primitive surface over Pole Creek Summit through 3 fords of Germania Creek to the trailhead at Three Cabins Creek at 12.1 miles and park here.�� The trail to Washington Basin is a jeep trail.Hike 2.5 miles to a trail junction and wait for us here, marked by the #1 on the map above.To meet us on Friday, Aug. 9th, drive to the trailhead at Three Cabins Creek and park.From the register box, hike 1.6 miles along Germania Creek to the trail junction just beyond the Washington Creek log crossing and wait for us here, marked by the #2 on the map above.We will then continue hiking down Germania Creek for another 1.5 miles to the mile-long meadow at the confluence of Germania Creek and Alta Creek and camp.


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